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Hey Mike,
Happy to talk through this. It’s actually a fairly common question that’s coming up this year. You’re not alone in worrying about this.
In many ways, this is a strategic question for your business model. There are pros and cons to Amazon Seller and Vendor, already covered in a past Web Retailer article. I’ll gloss over those since they already did a good job of tallying the details.
I’ll focus more on the fundamentals, then explain some approaches which make strategic use of your Vendor account to actually help you as a Seller using the marketplace and FBA.
Who are you?

The 3am rant in me would ask, “Do any of us truly know who we are?” Deep stuff. For business, this question is just as valid, but often a bit easier to figure out.
Businesses evolve. They change. The longer they stay in operation, the less similar…Read the full article here!