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Reports and Trend Tracking

The weekly and monthly reporting inboxed to you.

Weekly Health Checks

It’s no secret – the more data you have, the more informed a decision you can take. So long as it’s the right data. Too much can hide critical issues or negative trend directions.

We provide all serviced clients a health check report on a weekly basis for all channels managed. We track as much as the channel allows us to so that you know the ‘health’ of your channels, and the direction they are going. 

We compare this to the total data. It’s wonderful to know the status of your account each week, but it’s only half the picture if you can’t compare the status to a week ago, a month ago or last year. 

Monthly Reporting

A dip in sales from one week to another? Often this is meaningless and no cause for concern.

A dip in sales a second week in a row? And no top sellers out of stock? That might be reason to check in on listings to investigate.

A dip in sales from the same month last year? Why is that? Perhaps it’s seasonal, perhaps there is a good reason. But the important ability we provide is the data to find out.

Too many sellers worry about ‘daily’ changes. You cannot have growth every day. You may ‘feel’ down on a given week but be up overall from the same time last year. Surfacing this data into a monthly report gives you peace of mind, or knowledge of an issue you need to fix. Either way, the value is immense.

Business Reviews and YoY Benchmarking

You get to the end of a quarter or business year. Were you successful? What worked and what didn’t?

Our reports keep tabs on direction all along the way, so there isn’t a murky unknown to figure out 6 months after it happened. Our weekly health checks and our monthly reports feed the Business Reviews, which give you a high level overview of what worked, and what needs improvement and what we’re planning in the months ahead.

Data is power. We make it a core part of the service to deliver you this power on a regular, digestible basis. 

Customised and with Actions

We don’t just send you raw data and hope you’ll understand it. We don’t just take the details and make them look nice on screen.

We layer in actions, insights, benchmarks and more. We not only give you the data you need to see what’s going on, but we also inform you of what we think. We give you our best recommendations on what to do with this data. What actions you should allow us to take, what actions you need to take internally, and what we can discuss together for future growth.

The report is yours. We want you to value it. Hence, we spend time customising them over the months we work together, so you get what you need, in the way you need it.


If you are selling on eBay, you need regular routines in place to keep your account healthy and profitable.

Metric attention, reporting, tracking and referencing, are all important. Any eBay trader already knows they live and die by their health scores.

But the weekly and monthly routines you need do not end there. Overlapping regular actions on listings, spot checks, competitive reviews, and other exercises, ensure you will keep the account relevant and growing. Without these routines, you likely have revenue locked up in areas just waiting to be extracted.


Just like on eBay, Amazon needs its regular weekly work.

Being a very different channel, the things you need to check, cross check, rework and maintain, are very different.

In fact each industry is different, and Amazon has different requirements and actions depending on what you sell and even where you sell it. But routines are vital to keep a healthy account. You cannot grow every month of every year, but you can grow yearly if you stay on top of key point indicators.


Growing your own website is harder now than it ever was. But you also have hundreds of tools and options that never existed just 5 years ago.

Picking the right tools and focus can be the key element. Often, growing a website is less about value and far more about energy and resource.

Having worked with multi-million pound brands and start-ups alike, we know what to do in the life of a website and company. The trick is not what tools you use, what money you spend, and what energy you allocate. The trick is knowing when to focus on which topic, and when to drop ideas for new ones. Websites are a battle of persistence. Success can be a sprint, but plan for a marathon.


Plan them, build them, run them, adapt them and analyse them.

Be it an eBay Sale, an Amazon sponsored ad campaign, or a website PPC and landing page event, you need to know how to measure success.

All too often, we see sellers try something with limited focus, knowledge and expertise. They fail not on the idea, but on the delivery. It's important to try promotional activity with the right knowledge and mentality. Just because something fails does not mean it's the wrong idea. Perhaps all it needs is a small nuanced change to be successful.


If you are using ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, Shopping Flux or some other marketplace platform, you will need weekly maintenance.

If you have a website on Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Volusion or one of the other big leading platforms, you probably already know dedicated expertise to make updates and fix problems is a necessity.

Marketplaces and the internet are changing. They are in a constant state of digital evolution. Every year, changes big and small are rolled out to adapt to a changing landscape and audience. You need to stay on top of these changes. You need to know how these changes will affect you and alter your operations, so you can adapt and take advantage. Early adoption can sometimes be the break-out event that sets you apart from the competition.