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Cdiscount Headline Ads 

What counts?

Cdiscount Ads are..

Very similar to Amazon’s banner ads engine and on screen display, Cdiscount’s displays as a banner above organic search results.

The perks are obvious:

  • Being at the top of page 1 in search results. 
  • Your Brand Logo in the Ad for awareness
  • Nice big call to actions!

Ads in practice

  • Only pay for clicks from a relevant buyer
  • 100% control – you run the campaigns
  • Real time tracking (usually), so you can make changes on the fly.
  • Data and time – like any marketing campaign – are your gold mines for positive ROI.

Setup in 3, 2, 1…

Kick-starting some campaigns is as easy as gateau.

  • Login to the Cdiscount Ads section.
  • Top right you will see ‘Headline’ in a drop down.
  • Click ‘New Campaign’
  • Set up bidding and targeting (the fun stuff)
  • Fill in fields to customise Logo and text on screen.
  • Done!

Running it…

This is the hard part. Unfortunately the system remains very manual with no rules engine automation capabilities. A lot of it has to be done on screen, click by click. This means man-hours to avoid wasting spend, or missing out on keyword opportunities for bid adjustments.

But hey, why would we make a website page about it if we didn’t have a sales plug available. We’re not making these pages for fun after all.

You guessed it – we can help. We’re an agency streamlined to manage these things. We need to be efficient to offer you a competitive price for the service.

You know the drill – drop us a message.