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Amazon PPC

Driving traffic done right on Amazon

Amazon PPC is…

We know, it can suck a bit. Amazon is charging a monthly subscription. They are charging a commission on each sale. They are pushing FBA with its own fees. Now, on top of everything, to pay them extra to drive traffic to your listings?!?

But reality speaks loudly – Amazon PPC has exploded and become one of the channel’s leading revenue levers. Companies are allocating 6 figure sums into their budgets, and getting a positive ROI!

Your competitors are doing it. Amazon is favouring those doing it. You have to do it.

Don’t waste money or time

  • This tool is easy to set up and start, but takes time to set up for long term control
  • This tool is easy to play with, but takes experience to avoid common mistakes on the learning curve.
  • This tool can be the reason you retire early, or the reason you stay awake at night.

Simply put, this tool can either make you a lot of money, or cost you and arm and a leg (and a head).

If you have time and money to waste, knock yourself out. Or…

Months of Data, years of experience

Getting the most from this tool is about knowing how to rework the strategies based on the data.

  • Listing Data – do you have A+? Are your listing 100% optimised both front end and back end?
  • Reporting Data – are you checking the reports routinely and using them to make calculated changes to approach?
  • Market Insight – do you have the industry experience to know the difference between a data abnormality, and a real problem requiring action?

We live and breathe services

We’re not here to take a percentage of your spend and thus be incentivised to increase your marketing budget.

Nope, we believe results matter and long term thinking is why we are in business.

Our approach is to start slow, measure results and build off success. Combining our listing optimisation abilities, our reporting savvy, our Amazon deep knowledge and our background managing many millions of product types and industries, we come prepared to offer the full 360 management of PPC in ways others simply cannot offer.

An agency only managing your bids, not knowing how to manage your listings and channel strategy, will only do half the job.

An in-house hire only managing Amazon, without knowing how to connect these very different skillsets, will only do half a job.

We offer everything connected to PPC, as well as PPC management itself.