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Cdiscount PPC

What counts

Cdiscount Ads are..

Very similar to Amazon’s PPC Ads, Cidscount offers the means to boost your product by marketing them specifically on the platform.

Plenty of reasons why routine energy here would benefit you:

  • Boosting product to the top of search results, above organic results
  • Promoting new products with a splash!
  • Liquidation needs – getting product in front of buyers fast

Set up – the Basics

First things first. Your new shiny campaign will need a name and duration it runs. Easy enough oui.

You’ll then need to define the targeting. New users may want to trial automatic out to get some data starting points. The danger here is obvious – you’re asking a machine, created by Cdiscount, to manage your budget spend on marketing, which Cdiscount benefits from no matter if you secure a sale or not.

We would seek to maximise budget and ROI capabilities. If you have some experience on PPC, manual is more work to run and set up, but better.

Biding Strategies

Now on to defining your bids. Anyone new to PPC should likely start off on bid budgets per day. This means you have less to worry about if you take your eye of the day to day changes, and you know your maximum limit on costs. We would only suggest using the total budget method of you plan to log in daily and have some experience.

Cdiscount offers an automated bid engine. This will ensure your bids are always competitive, even while you sleep! But if can produce some high spend on the wrong values if your competitor is doing the same. Imagine two machines fighting to the highest bid on auto pilot… 

We’d again opt for manual management of bids. More work, less real time adjustments, but far greater control and less chance of blowing your budget on something silly. Save that for Saturday nights.

Products ‘n’ stuff

Create a campaign focused on a specific product, or group of them. Don’t be lazy about this. It will only make it harder to control things later on. By creating a campaign with a narrow focus, you can ensure all product you add ‘fit’ the keywords perfectly. Otherwise you may have keywords too broad or off target for some items, and thats just a waste of time and money to you.

There are some strategies where grouping items together may be a good idea in a broad campaign… but you’d need to have some good reasons and strategies for it.

Everyday management – upload lists of products which fit. You can also define product by categories, which can save time and make management of the campaigns easier.

Remember – set up is easy. Its managing this efficiently and profitably that’s the key consideration.


This is where you need to spend a good amount of time. This is also where you’ll be making changes as the campaign data start to offer perspective on what is working and what… isn’t.

Some robust upfront research to add core values would be useful – perhaps from campaigns on other marketplaces or your website analytics. They won’t be a perfect fit long term for Cdiscount but they will be a great start.

What you add here day one is less ciritcal than what you add a month later, and remove a month after that… its the ongoing refinement that makes success here.


A nice perk on Cdiscount is the ability to define what pages your handy work will appear on. You need to make sure the pages are eligible – dont add a bunch that arent then wonder why nothing is working – but this does give you a final layer of control. Useful if you have a strategy in mind.