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Hire Marketplace Freelancer Services 

We train, we manage, we quality control, you get work done.

Why our Freelancers rock

We have been working on marketplace services for a long time.

We know the challenges – training is hard. The good hires are expensive, want promotions and come with strong but narrow knowledge backgrounds. They out grow you over time sadly.

The freelancer networks just push the vetting process on you. All the work to vet the freelancer, manage them and assess their quality is your job.

We take all that work away:

  • Flexible low Rates
  • Rolling Monthly contracts
  • Fully Trained Experts
  • Project work or rolling retainers
  • Proven methodologies and best practises
  • We manage the people, the work loads, quality control check so you don’t

How this works

We will ask you fill in some questionnaires. For the introverts out there, breath easy! It can all be done online! But, if you want to discuss it all by phone. we’re here and ready too.

Once we know what you need, how you need it and by what times, we get started. 

We can deliver the work in various formats. Either we pass it to you, or we load it directly on channels or systems.

To put it another way, its 100% up to you. We define what you want and how you want it upfront together. Our job is to meet the goals agreed. 

You pay a fixed fee per month for the services we agreed and defined. Simple.


One of our most common services is around managing your listings. Our service is simple:

  • We optimise them fully. All channels, all attributes, titles, bullets… the data is on us.
  • We strive for 100% listing counts. Errors are fixed and all channels 100% live.
  • New products coming in daily? No problem. We will define how we manage this with you.


Want to define specific points? Want titles made a certain way? Want bullet points in a specific format and style? No problem.

We define routines and customisation with you. You can get your data how you want it, or just leave it in our experienced hands.


This is not comparable to our more robust marketing services as details on other website pages. Its a lite service for a lite price. It includes:

  • Campaign set up and optimisation for Amazon PPC
  • A+ roll out in batches over time
  • eBay Sponsored Ads and Promotions
  • Reporting

It is important we emphasis that marketing done perfectly is very time sensitive and requires expertise. Adding ‘expert’ and ‘lots of time’ together means a higher price. We’re offering ‘expert’ and ‘check in time’. 

We cant optimise bids, make changes and optimise key words daily for a low fee. But we can keep the account steady, growing, evolving and you informed. If we do a great job, you can also upgrade us to be more real time.

Channel Launches

Never be this person: “I really want to launch on new channels, but never have the time and I dont know where to start”.

Each day of delays is costing you a new revenue stream. 

We can:

  • Assist you with best practises on account set up – the big and small things
  • Optimise the data specific for the channel and region
  • Vet your data for requirements
  • Get all listings up and live
  • Hand over things, or keep helping ongoing

General Help!

Maybe you don’t know what you need? Maybe you just have a mixed bag of questions for now. That’s fine – we can help.

Questions lead to replies which tend to lead to more questions. Some questions require research.

We can offer you help here by agreeing on a ‘bucket’ of time per month. And to be clear, maybe this is not just advice but some ‘doing’ too – that’s fine. We can offer a very flexible arrangement where you pay for our time, and you use it any which way you need to. 

Also worth noting that you’re not asking one person with us. You’re asking a collective of talent, which is constantly sharing internally and learning from each other.

That is a lot of brain power you can leverage any time you want. 

System Set up or cleaning

We have expertise in a number of common systems. Maybe you just need some senior eyes to clean up messes, or refine what you have in place so its easier to run for yourself.

No worries, thats right up our skill sets. Some core systems:

  • Linnworks
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Seller Central and Vendor Central
  • Storefeeder
  • Volo
  • … many others!

Bespoke Routines

Do you have a manual routine you do daily or weekly? Do you need to copy and paste things? Rework a file between two systems?

How about monitoring something routinely? Or a task that comes up once a month and ruins your whole day?

We handle all manner of bespoke routines. We document them, agree on SLA’s and formats with you, then we keep them ticking. Because we document it, the routine can be picked up by any of our staff.

No ‘I’m sick’ or ‘we don’t have internet’ issues because everyone can help in our team.