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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Creation & Management Solution For Sellers

Build Brand awareness A+ Content

A+ Pages (formerly Enhanced Brand Content) allows Brand Registered Sellers a new dimension to promote products and maximise conversion. Used right, these pages increase sales on listings from 15-40%. No exaggeration – those are real numbers clients can see!

But these pages are not all that easy to knock out effectively. What in life is?

They are manual and time-consuming. They have many unwritten rules and pitfalls Amazon documentation never stays up to date with or with sufficient depth on nuance and detail. They also require overlapping skills; design, copywriting and analytics. 

This page helps flesh out what you need to consider and how to get started but you can also push the big blue button below and see if we can help instead!

You need a design. Perhaps many!

  • The Amazon A+ templates are rigid and fairly fixed in format and layout. Before you even get a designer to mock up some pages, be sure they check what is possible on Amazon. They are greatly limited in what designs can be actually made on Amazon.
  • The design mock delivered, it then needs to be cropped perfectly into its constituent parts and these added to the A+ form locations.
  • If you are designing for seasonality or events, think about how you will need to refresh those elements later. For this reason, keep all design work saved in master file format for easy changes later on.

Strategy is vital. Otherwise it’s busy fools’ work.

  • A+ can be used for different goals. Launching a new product? Trying to get more from top sellers? Trying to up-sell variants and models? The strategy greatly impacts your ongoing maintenance.
  • Use PPC to compliment the work. Why pay PPC on listing which are not maximised for conversion? Be sure your PPC campaigns are on listings with A+.
  • Use Sponsored Brand Ads and Storefront pages to complement the user journey. Align the design, the messaging and the copy so the buyer feels their experience online is synched page by page!

Data is King

  • Once A+ content is applied, you don’t celebrate with a ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner and party. I mean, you can and it sounds fun. But now the key work comes.
  • Use reporting to track the impact. Are the listings converting more? Based on what PPC keywords? Is their journey organic or Sponsored Brand ads led or something else entirely?
  • Make changes based on the data. Do not make changes daily or weekly – give these things time. You want weeks of data at a minimum, before thinking about possible changes.
  • Keep your changes small. If you change too much, you won’t know what change had the impact!
  • Be creative and A/B test with Amazon’s new feature (if you have access) or simply A/B test by trial and error on different product listings. 
  • Remember – the best A+ listings on Amazon didn’t materialise with a single action. They were enhanced over time, based on data. You aren’t trying to make perfect pages from inception. You are trying to make them great and use the data to make them better over time.