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The Generalist AU marketplace

Purporting to be Australia’s number 1 online retailer, Catch boasts 4 million customers (let’s be fair, there aren’t many more than that in the whole of Australia over the age of 6) and 2 million parcels shipped in the last 12 months.

In the context of the larger western economies, that’s nowhere near the scale of the big boys like Amazon and eBay but, if you are looking at Australia as a target destination, they are currently out-performing both of the aforementioned marketplaces.

As a marketplace it offers a wide assortment of products, with the emphasis on deals. For UK sellers the proposition is fairly strong:

  • Native language listings
  • Well integrated with a number of mainstream platforms
  • Great for fashion sellers looking to clear out of season products as seasons are opposite down-under.

Getting set up

First you’ll need to apply to become a seller – simply fill in the form here. Once accepted, you will be assigned a Business Development Manager to help you get set up.

The data requirements are fairly standard with no horrible requirements to supply specific photos or the weight of the packaging. Overall, the set up itself, typically looks like this:

  1. Create your store. This means entering things like your business credentials, payment methods etc.
  2. Send your product information to Catch for their review. This will vary depending on the method used.
  3. Once approved, list your products.

What else can we tell you?

Commission varies by category from 10 – 25% and that comes on top of a monthly seller subscription of $49.99 a month. Payments to sellers are in Australian dollars and made every 14 days.

The demographic is mainly female (65%) with an average age of 37. 

We offer services to help you launch and manage your marketplace channels (too obviously salesy?). Meh, who cares, this is why this site exists anyway. Regardless, we will give you our unbiased and unvarnished opinion if you want to find out more.