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OK, so you got accepted on Zalando – lucky you!

You got your product on-boarded – we salute your patience!

Adopting Zalando Logistics (ZFS) should be easy now that the hard work is done, right? RIGHT?!?


It’s always 100 days free returns. 

Zalando demands you offer free returns. Shipping? Currency rates? Customer wasn’t fair? Ordering x5 different sizes so x4 will be returned? Tough. 

If that doesn’t sting enough, you also have to give buyers 100 days to make up their minds. 100 days to decide the dress made him look fat. 100 days to decide the high heel shoes we’re high enough. 100 days of hair growth and hat shrinkage… Tough.

We know. This isn’t great news, especially when you consider almost 50% of Zalando purchases are returned. You also must use Hermes (UK), La Poste (FR) or DHL (DE) for all shipping. Don’t have accounts or system integrations with these courriers?

Guess what, tough.

    So, that’s why ZFS…

    By evil genius or simple coincidence, ZFS can be a good option simply to absorb some of the logistical issues associated with returns and shipping. If you let Zalando warehouse and ship your orders, you’re leaving them to handle courier requirements, customer service tickets and return processing.

    Because ZFS is designed to be a well-oiled Zalando-buyer-experience-machine, it’s all as automated and process driven as they can muster. Zalando recently did a study with some Brands who adopted ZFS and found they were actually saving Brands logistic costs by upwards of 25%. They learned a lot from their adidas pilot, so thankfully you are not following uncharted territory in using ZFS at scale.