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eBay Listing Design

This is where you sell your company’s identity. A clean well presented design marrying your website look and feel will separate you from other smaller sellers. It may be subconscious and hard to measure, but think about it from your own perspective.

If you were going to buy a new Laptop or some herbal supplements, which listing would you trust more; a basic listing or one with a professional design? A listing with no design breeds all sorts of thoughts:

  • The seller took no effort to add this element. Why?
  • Do they not back the product?
  • Is this a side business they handle after hours?
  • Do they care about the product or your experience buying from them?
  • Are they serious about selling good online product?

Don’t risk it. Get a design. We can build it to eBay’s strict criteria, apply it to all your listings and mobile-device test it for you.


A+ pages are a pain to implement, have strict requirements and carry a long list of unwritten rules and restrictions. A designer without expertise would struggle at first. We know, we’ve seen it happen! But they matter – conversion does increase. Why pay money on PPC campaigns, listing fees and your own energy to get the product listed, and not design it for the best possible conversion?

Brand Display Ads are easier to construct, but require ongoing management to drive content to your Landing pages. There is also a steep design learning curve. Landing pages in general should be getting regular attention as your monthly sales surface useful data to leverage. Not only do you want to consider new landing pages and Brand display ads, but you’ll want to rework existing ones over time. Design work-a-plenty!

We can help with all this design. We know where it needs to go, understand the strategies you need it to realise and we know the pitfalls and requirements you cannot simply Google and read up about reliably.