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Data and Design Done Right

We don’t just ‘launch’ it, we enhance it.

The Right Channel Data

You don’t want to work hard launching a channel and end up with no return on investment because you didn’t give it the best chance to succeed.

  • We optimise your data to fit the channel. 
  • We work with you on tone and style of subjective content areas
  • We help you with data augmentation sources if you are lacking detail
  • We can rework imagery and standardisation.

The Right Channel Designs

Many channels have some custom design pieces you can leverage. Some more than others!

  • We outline all the design elements you should consider, are required and ‘nice to have’.
  • We can advise and work with your designer on best practises and tricks hard to google!
  • Don’t have in-house design capability? No worries, we do!

The Right Channel Reporting

Not all channels offer the same depth of analysis data, nor offer this in the same formats.

  • We will help you know how, and what, to look for in the data to grow the channel
  • We can deliver customised reporting to your inbox
  • We advise on what sort of direction and ramp up you should expect. 

The Right Channel Routines

Data and Design are not stagnant topics. They evolve, change, adapt and improve ideally.

  • We know what channels benefit most from in testing and enhancements
  • We inject the right energy in the right places to increase sales, not simply look like busy fools.
  • Data and Design feed each other – we know how to leverage and track these links.