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Newegg 101s

The world’s largest Tech Marketplace you never heard of…


With 40 million active customers, available in 80 countries, Newegg is the surprisingly large marketplace many have never heard about. If you do not sell technical products, that may be for good reason – the marketplace has a background and core focus on electronics.

Newegg has expanded into other verticals over the years, so sellers with fashion, games and other gear may attempt their luck. Tamebay did a great piece on them here.

If you sell technology products or electronics in the US, we encourage getting started here.

Plans and fees

We’re not going to repeat what Newegg does best here, nor attempt to stay as updated as them on these details.

However we would advise trialling this channel with the right pieces in place, the core ones being marketing. The ‘Professional’ plan give you some marketing external advantages that should easily pay for themselves if your product have demand on this channel.

If you plan to use their logistics services, ‘Enterprise’ would likely suit you best.

We’d only recommend ‘Standard’ for sellers looking to dip their toe into this market and expect a slow start.

What to do…

Not sure if this channel is right for you? Well, you’ve found the right partner to help.

We don’t dabble in sales jargon dream-selling nonsense. We have no idea if this channel is right for you blindly. We’re data driven people so we’d need more information.

The good news is we do this for a living – advise sellers on how to expand and make more money. 

Drop us a message and we’ll help you out. Simple.