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eBay Promoted Listings

Like PPC, only eBay

Promoted Listings

It’s a fairly simple tool.

  • Choose what listings you are going to promote
  • Choose a % of the sales price you are willing to pay
  • Done

The listings chosen will be given a big boost on search page rankings, often appearing somewhere on page 1 or 2. The exact position depends greatly on the percentage you gave eBay to be aggressive, what competitors in the category are up to and what eBay’s own algorithm makes of your listing and the organic rankings. It’s, like, science and stuff.

You only pay if the buyer clicks and buys. You pay a big fact zero otherwise.


Ok, but realistically the costs?

YOU define the percentage of your sale price to use. In some ways, this question is up to you.

But think about everyone else – if you are offering far less than average, this won’t work.

Ebay offers some category specific averages.

Many would say to aim for 5-10%. 

We would say to start slow and use the data to individually optimise them over time. And to use a combination of methods to trial changes. That’s how we run if for clients.

When and where to use it.

How long is a piece of string? Is it this long or that long?

There is no right or wrong way in using this tool. It’s all about strategy. We opt to create a strategy first and think about what we’re aiming to achieve. That typically is the best place to start! As the data comes back, the plans will change.

  • New Listings – give them a boost against their organically-ranked rivals.
  • Seasonality – push great gift ideas for select holidays.
  • Dead weight – liquidating product clogging up warehouse space.
  • Good Sellers – why not supercharge some top performers?

You said ‘strategy’…

Yes, sorry. We know these buzz words get thrown around too much.

Our Web-retailer article contributions¬†offer more detail and general thinking, but for us it’s a mixture of science and art that achieves the best results.

You want some creative thinking – trying on traditional and fringe ideas. A creative spirit to try something new.

But you want that supported with an evolving plan you track, fed by any and all data you get your hands on. There is no perfect playbook to copy. This about your brand, your products, your sales price, your margins, your warehouse costs and space, your newer lines, your stock depth and many other factors.

We can help you get a plan in place, execute the plan and iterate the plan. But for that, you’ll need to contact us first!