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Walmart Advertising

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Walmart PPC

Walmart Performance Ads (WPAs) are similar to Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, and PPC generally…

They are an excellent way of boosting visibility and increasing sales on the marketplace which does suffer from low traffic compared to Amazon at present.

Top Bits to consider for Walmart WPAs

Are you eligible?
You have to meet strict performance criteria and request access to even make a start…

First email the below information

  • Company name
  • Contact information (name, number, email)
  • Number of SKUs
  • Product category(s)
  • Primary campaign objective
  • Target audience
  • Desired advertising plan (annual, seasonal, etc.)
  • Anticipated budget (inflate this a bit)

Although not required, blood type, promising your first born as a personal slave and chanting to the Walmart Gods can all help too.

Walmart requires a minimum spend of 1000.00 USD a month. Don’t apply if you can’t pay to play! 


At the time we write this, you can’t add negative keywords. We know, a bit 2007 and silly. Does not lean well to deep optimisations. But we are told this is coming soon to a WPA Walmart management screen near you.


This isn’t for the feint-hearted… WPA expects your minimum daily budget to be at least $100, and your total campaign a minimum of $1,000. Compared to Amazon’s $1 daily minimum, you’re playing with a whole new level of commitment.

Keywords and Bid Optimisation

As weird as this might sound to the veteran PPC gurus reading, you can only bid at the campaign level. Yes, we know, more old school Google “back in my day” comments here. For this reason, your campaigns need to be fairly laser focused on product verticals. Also, Walmart will pick what it thinks is the most relevant product for the ad display. If their algorithm is having an off day, which sellers have complained about, you might be scratching your head on what the preview is showing you.


A native banner ad places your store front-and-centre. This is great exposure when launching a new product range or looking to stamp on competition. It’s also great for Brand awareness and promotion in general.

In most cases, native banner ads appear at the top of a product category.

You can use them for big Sale events too, although this tends to be crowded during big seasonal times.

‘Catapult’ Ads

These appear at the top of search pages and are very much like Amazon’s PPC ads. These are perfect for specific product promotions. 

Unlike WPAs, these don’t really work from Walmarts internal relevancy algorithm offered by Walmart Marketplace. They are more aligned to the product categories themselves

From promoting best sellers, trying to clear out some dead stock or simply trying to get more attention to new products launched, this is likely the most valuable Walmart marketing weapon for day to day sales and long term growth.

Feature Ads

These are all about Brand promotion and awareness. These ads are designed to capture a buyer interested in all your product ranges, or at the very least a focused portion.

Companies seeking Brand promotion and raising awareness are going to use these the most. Brands with specific product focus would benefit the most (by this, we mean a Brand focused on one product type, not a wide range).

This ain’t cheap…

We mentioned it above and we want this clear so you don’t fall off your chair and bump your head when pricing comes up… Walmart advertising is for cash rich marketing budgets.

For this reason, strategy is important. Like, a lot. You could burn a lot of money in these areas if you don’t know this craft well. 

We would also point out this is not traditional PPC. You may have that in-house, full-time expert managing Google for you and Bing, and they might be doing a good job. But this isn’t the same at all. 

We are data driven, experienced and keen for positive ROIs and long term relationships. This means we’ll spend your budget wisely and with care and thinking.