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Walmart 101s

All the bits on a page.

Firstly… Sign Up 🙂

You can get the ball rolling here.

The application takes about 10 to 15 minutes but you’ll need a few things:

  • Company address.
  • Bank account information.
  • A digital copy of your latest W-9 form

Most critically, you’ll need a US company and bank account set up. 

Secondly, finish set up.

Once you gain access, you’ll have a check list of one-time set up actions. Your Partner profile will need filling in, as will things like open times, shipping, company Logo, etc.

You will also need to verify your bank account which can take 1-4 days depending on the Bank.

The Walmart on-screen pages are clear about all this and guide you.

Your Products…

This part takes the most time. If you’re adding them on screen, 1 by 1, it can be about as fun as watching paint dry, age and peel…

We’d recommend using their upload templates. They are no fun either, with lots of unclear errors and ill-defined requirements. They also vary in format by category, so if you sell a mix of items, prepare for some excel work.

The best option is to use a channel management system – ideally yours supports Walmart and can help you push the product up.

  • If your product exists on Walmart already, you can ‘Match’ which is faster.
  • If you want/need to create something original, it will take longer but grant more long term rewards and control.

    Launch… and now?

    Once you finish the set up checklist, a button will appear asking if you want to ‘Launch’. Doing this sets you live for orders, so be sure you’re ready! Walmart, like many marketplaces, expects on time shipping and a good buyer experience.

    Launch when you’re ready to manage the channel. Don’t launch before. 

    A few rapid fire thoughts:

    Win the Buy Box — To get the sale, it’s critical.
    Know Your Audience — Online shoppers are not Walmart footfall buyers.
    Price to win — Walmart is known for its great pricing…

    Seller or Supplier?

    As with any decision in this merry-go-round-called-life, there are pros and cons to both.

    It’s faster and easier to become an approved seller on the Walmart Marketplace than it is to become a supplier to Walmart. As a seller, you don’t need your Dun & Bradstreet credit information or insurance. Perks.

    But a supplier has a direct relationship and are held to a higher standard. As a Walmart supplier, you could potentially expand your product offerings in-store, and you have access to additional reporting functionality.


      If you want to market on Walmart, first email

      • Company name
      • Contact information (name, number, email)
      • Number of SKUs
      • Product category(s)
      • Primary campaign objective
      • Target audience
      • Desired advertising plan (annual, seasonal, etc.)
      • Anticipated budget (inflate this a bit)

      Walmart requires a minimum spend of 1000.00 USD a month. Don’t apply if you can’t pay to play! If you’re approved, click here fro information on how to use their advertising modules.