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Hi Loris,
Global domination should always be the long term goal. Why not dream big, when the world is so connected? We promote this as a mentality generally, and I always appreciate a seller with aggressive expansion goals.
That said, you are navigating turbulent seas around legal needs, pricing, logistics and the careful balance between investing just enough to give the opportunity a chance, and investing too much and risking your whole business.
Don’t rush this. Don’t overthink it either, but do not rush.
Amazon is not the only fruit (in the EU)
Amazon’s unified accounts make selling cross-border fairly easy. Machine translations, one-click listing crossover and built-in tools for localization make your life easy, and make leveraging FBA easier still. I imagine you already use Amazon’s Pan-European FBA?
Marketplaces are far from being conquered by the almighty Amazon horde. …Read the full article here!