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Hi Tracy,
I’ll do my best to avoid cliche remarks about Cowboys, the west and what-not. My dad is from Texas, and owns a stetson hat, so I kind of have a blood right to have fun here… I’ll try.
Great idea to expand out on new channels. That is always a strategy we promote. Great idea to plug in some technology to support it. A core strategy we always suggest for long term scalability!
Let’s B-line that blog first…
To get the most out of your blog hoedown energy, you usually want it on your website. The regular readers will boost site traffic and it will make user navigation cleaner.
Blogs take a lot of time. Routine time. You’ll need someone adding relevant posts on a weekly basis.
However a blog and an ecommerce website do work differently in terms of technical architecture and page display. The technology you use might be different between the two, given not all ecommerce platforms have the best built-in blog technology. Not knowing your website platform, it’s hard to advise much further on what to lasso into the picture.
I’m completely failing with the cheesy slang…Read the full article here!