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Oh dear, this is a big topic. Unless you have eight arms, each with suction capability, you’ll never be able to spin all these plates via manual spreadsheets alone. The tsunami of words I could use to flood the next 20 pages might not help, so I’ll try not to put you to sleep. Grab a coffee Chris.
Let’s be clear first…
Yes, you need a system, or three. Any seller on more than one channel needs something in place. The bigger your catalog is, and the more product types you have, the better the system you will need.
That’s about the best I can give you and be sure of being 100% accurate. Everything else is based on many variables and business factors. There is no perfect system for everyone. But there are perfect systems for specific needs.
Types of multichannel systems

There is, as you rightly pointed out, a long list of overlapping systems. Some are focused on a core set of uses only. Others do everything, including taking your trash out at night. They all overlap. Some are strong in some areas, and weak in others. Some support some channels and others don’t, or only in certain ways.
There is a long list of overlapping systems. Some do everything, including taking your trash out at night.
Frankly, it’s a hell of a challenge. We do this selection process for sellers as part of our business, and we get lost in the details at times too. I don’t just mean me, the maverick of our operation, I also mean the smart people in the company. If we find it hard at times, I can’t even imagine how… “challenged” you are by it all. Insert your profanities of choice.
Ignorance is bliss, so…Read the full article here!