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Out of curiosity Terrell, how many unique objects do you find in scrapped cars? Dead bodies and narcotics come to mind…
eBay remains top dog as the online destination of choice for buyers
Assuming you want to sell parts specific to the car’s body, while keeping the drugs, the online automotive industry has been growing significantly over the years. eBay remains top dog as the online destination of choice for buyers. They have an entirely separate “automotive” channel, and have spent time acquiring and integrating the needed fitment information into their core catalogue.
However Amazon, not the type to skip over an opportunity, has also been growing in this industry. A few of our automotive clients have branched into Amazon and are seeing positive growth. Its slower and smaller than eBay, but given the monster growth Amazon is fueling overall, it’s a safe bet their piece of this market will expand too. You can only sell new parts on Amazon for the time being.
Car part suppliers are growing their offerings as well, with off-brand manufacturing mod parts and replacements, often with strong results in areas where the product has a generic application across models.
I could waffle on… so let’s put it simply: yes, there is a big opportunity to sell car parts on marketplaces, including salvage. But what you need to do, in order to make a growing scalable business out of this, might make you cry….Read the full article here!