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Hi Cathy,
As a father of three, I know you already have a full-time job. Please don’t worry about my time. We share a common lack of it!
I’ll try to clear up some of the hype surrounding Amazon “get rich quick” offers
Under the premise that you are busy, you’ll need a fairly slick business model. You’ll need to be focused. You don’t have the luxury of trying everything.
In that context, I’ll try to clear up some of the hype surrounding Amazon “get rich quick” offers, and explain what they are at a root level. I’ll also offer some advice on how to keep things as light-touch as possible. I am going to omit other channels for now and focus on Amazon only. In time you might want to expand into eBay, Newegg, Wish, Walmart and other channels, but they will need to be discussed separately.

As I write this, the kids have invaded my home office. My apologies if I accidentally reference a little Tom and Jerry trivia.

So let’s clear up some basics…

  • No, you will not become the next million-dollar success story if you simply adopt Amazon FBA on some items.
  • No, Amazon will not help you become a mega-success by selling on their marketplace. They… don’t really care.
  • No, there are no major secrets to all this, that you have to learn by paying for a training course.
  • Yes, with the right model, infrastructure and focus, you can create a decent side-income with limited time investment. But it’s going to take hard work, and most critically, laser focus.
Some success stories were born from good old hard work. Some were simply the result of sickeningly good luck. (Not that I’m jealous.) But you can’t afford to rely on luck, so…Read the full article here!