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Hi Mike!

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is you’re not alone. Misery always loves company, so they say. I personally prefer to sob alone, watching TV adverts about puppies… But returning to topic, PPC is a battleground not just for newcomers but also Amazon veterans. It’s not something you get perfect and then just leave alone. Amazon PPC, just like traditional web PPC such as Google AdWords, requires constant adjustments.
The bad news is that there isn’t a magic ingredient or secret weapon to be successful. If anyone had one, they would be using it, from their laptop, while sipping martini’s poolside. They wouldn’t be sharing it either!
Before we get into your specific question, it will be useful to cover some of the basics. Most of these concepts apply to all industries, but use your best judgment to account for seasonality, category nuances or your personal business model.
PPC – 101
For newcomers who are too lazy to Google:
  • ROI = Return On Investment
  • ACoS = Advertising Cost of Sales
  • PPC = Pay Per Click
Being an accountant, Mike, I’m sure you just rolled your eyes. Sorry.
Amazon PPC campaigns are about finding good search terms a buyer will input on Amazon with the desire to buy your product. Then it’s a case of competing with other sellers who are also willing to spend on capturing a prime position on…Read the full article here!