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Hi Simon,
I’ve said it before, and ended up proving myself wrong, but this might be a short and not-so-sweet reply.
To put it plainly, the reply is “no”. Amazon does not have a model like eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP).
Instead, they have a ton of acronyms to figure out! But just before we go there…
Hang on, GSP?
Just to ensure we’re all on the same page, eBay’s GSP is a service you opt into (either per listing or for your entire account), which allows you to sell globally without the hassle of shipping internationally.
Essentially, you get hassle free international coverage, without the international hassles!
How it works is simple. You enable this feature, and eBay will allow buyers from all included territories the opportunity to purchase your product. When a buyer comes along, you receive an order – business as usual. However your ship-to location will be a domestic address, as you will be shipping to your nearest eBay warehouse hub.
eBay is going to handle the rest. They will ship the product overseas to the buyer, and handle all international rates and delivery issues. If anything goes wrong, eBay will…Read the full article here!