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We build it, launch it and train you how to run it

The Project

Any project like a marketplace set up requires planning, scoping and organisation. But it can be hard to know where to begin.

We believe strongly that the right online retail set up is a science to support successful growth. The right set up makes it easy to scale, expand, gain visibility, run checks, and flex new ideas into an evolving online landscape.

The wrong set up will bog you down in operations. If you feel you have no time to grow and seem to work non-stop just to keep operations running, we know your pain and normally attribute this to an unfinished set up.


A good set up uses a combination of tools to automate and speed up processes; insights and short cuts on interconnecting partners and systems; bespoke API technology (or using out-of-the-box code); and most critically, people focused on the right procedures.

If we handle your launch, we will strive for the most optimal set up. If we take over operations in a fully managed service capacity, we will slowly guide you towards this set up whilst being mindful of keeping your existing operations stable during the transition.


The best planning can still yield some unforeseen actions. This is why we will handle the go-live date, and continue to offer support, guidance and troubleshooting, for weeks after delivery.

In a full managed arrangement, we never step away. But for purely setup and launch projects, we also will train you on how to keep operations going. We won’t hide the secrets or tricks in the hope you need us. We will give you all our knowledge, because it’s the right thing to do.

Many assume launch is the end of a project. Really, it’s just the beginning of a long road. You may not need us once we get things set up. But if you do, we are always an email or phone call away.